Monday, December 05, 2011

Monday, Monday

The Sounds of Silence

Readers who want to learn more about the troubled history of our perennially underperforming Jefferson-Houston School will want to read a new Old Town Crier column by local historian and resident Sarah Becker.  It sheds new light on Alexandria's segregationist past -- a subject frequently covered up and dismissed in fashionable circles but which informs every decision within the City, especially those relating to the schools. 

More Sounds of Silence

Alexandria City Public Schools will be holding a "community meeting" tonight from 7:00 to 9:00 PM in Jefferson-Houston's multi-purpose room to discuss the latest developments with the new K-8 building. 

However, it's now 4.5 hours before the meeting and neither the Growler nor the other West Old Town Citizens Association representative who sit on the "communications" committee for the new school have received an E-mail with links to key documents just posted to the ACPS Web site. 

But others have.  Word has come to the Growler that through non-official means School Board Vice Chair and new school advocate Helen Morris sent the Upper King Street Neighborhood Association a reminder over the weekend and an update again this morning.   

Given this fact, just what is ACPS's definition of "community"? 

The Rest is Silence

As readers may know, ACPS is "investigating" unnamed employees who made transfers of funds between capital improvement accounts without notifying the School Board or City Council, which must authorize these transfers.  No word yet on who was involved or how many highers-ups had knowledge.