Thursday, July 22, 2010

From Out of the Past

Those following the discussion on this blog about the proposed Jefferson-Houston megadevelopment will want to check out the unsigned editorial that appeared today in

Most readers may not realize that this Web site was founded by former school board member Rodger Digilio and that the editorial was undoubtedly written by him.

A commenter on this site noted recently, "Claire Eberwien, Roger Digilio and cronies played dirty, dirty politics to make elementary schools whiter in more affluent neighborhoods." The Growler understands that this statement is essentially true and that Mr. Digilio was closely identified with the controversial redistricting of 1999.

The appearance of this piece — which raises many questions about the proposed development — comes a whole month after the June 22 Council work session which blew the lid off the ACPS plan.

The timing is interesting.