Thursday, June 10, 2010

Going Postal ... in a Good Way

Some more good news for the neighborhood: the Growler bumped into Deputy City Manager Mark Jinks last week and he advised the Cranky One that the City has now finalized its purchase of the office building and parking lot owned by Ken Moll at N. Henry and Pendleton Streets.

The acquisition of this land is the first step in assembling the parcels needed to create a future public park behind the Wythe Street Post Office. The park was one of the neighborhood amenities that was promised to residents in the Braddock Road Metro small area plan.

Mr. Jinks said the tenants in the office building will have another 18 months or so before being required to relocate. He also seemed optimistic that the US Postal Service will move relatively quickly to develop a plan to relocate its distribution center elsewhere.

Now who says things aren't changing for the better around here!