Monday, May 17, 2010


We've had a lot of grousing on this blog in the last few days about public housing and Council, a lot of it utterly pessimistic about change.

But the Growler's got some good news for ya. Hope lives and the politicians are apparently listening.

On Saturday, the City Council approved an amendment offered by Vice Mayor Kerry Donley to strengthen the language in the North Potomac Yard Plan regarding off-siting of public housing units there.

The amendment also includes some provisions to incentivize developers to accept public housing units by offering a density bonus.

The Growler plans to listen to the tape of the hearing when it becomes available on the City Web site, so there may be more information to add or clarify.

BTW, readers who are not in the know should be reminded that two years ago Council decreed half of all affordable housing contributions from development projects around Braddock Metro will be earmarked for the acquisition of property for off-site units. This money would otherwise have gone into a general affordable housing fund and would most likely have been used elsewhere in the City for other projects.

None of this would have happened without vigorous action by the West Old Town Citizens Association and residents of the neighborhood, but it has happened. We hope to see more of this progressive thinking on the part of Council in the future.