Monday, May 10, 2010

Eco Disconnect?

This missive from a regular reader hit the Growler's mail bag last week:

I'm sure you've heard of this by now:

I emailed our mayor and city council this morning asking if the chips in the bin would be attached directly to an address or the neighborhood in general. Transportation & Environmental Services Director Richard Baier responded to my email with, and I quote, "Thanks for the email. The bin identifying chips will be tied to the address to which the bin is assigned."

It seems that our city council was unanimous in its decision to support tracking of Alexandria residents use of the bins (Fannon's reason for not agreeing had to do with costs, not the invasion of privacy). Regardless of political beliefs I think that we should all be concerned about the tracking of private citizens by our government (local, state or federal). This is not a voluntary program. It is being forced upon all residents by our city leaders.

It might be time we all pick up and re-read Orson Welles' 1984.

Hmmmmm. While the Growler likes the idea of larger recycling bins, is this the time to be sticking more fees to the taxpayers on top of the recent real estate tax hike?

And why is the City on the one hand pushing all sorts of trendy measures to appear eco-friendly when — through flabby leadership and official incompetence — it has let the BRAC project spin out of control and opened up the amazing Winkler Nature Preserve to potential destruction?