Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The Growler was pulled up short while perusing the affidavits filed in the American Legion preservation court case. One of the names seemed awfully familiar.

Sure enough, the Growler can confirm that one of the individuals who is claiming racism in the lawsuit played a key role in the sale of the property.

Joseph Jennings is the same person who along with Woodbridge resident Cardell Banks acquired the Virginia Commerce mortgage on the American Legion in 2003.

And it was their decision to foreclose on the Legion two years ago that precipitated the sale of the building at 224 N. Fayette Street to Nathan Carter's relative Christopher, with financing provided by developer James Turner to pay off the noteholders. After drawing cash from the property several times after acquisition, Mr. Carter flipped it to William Cromley.

Mr. Jennings, who resides not in this neigborhood but in the West End, makes no mention of these key facts in his affidavit. He does disclose however, that he formerly served as financial secretary of the American Legion's William Thomas Post 129, which has since relocated to a building owned by Nathan Carter on Mt. Vernon Avenue.

Mr. Jennings also stated that he opposed the sale of the Legion property.