Monday, March 22, 2010


On Tuesday, March 23 Council will be filling another ARHA board vacancy and there are currently two competing candidates for the slot.

The first is Christopher Ballard, who if the Growler is not mistaken is a Realtor and founder of McWilliams/Ballard, the group specializing in multi-family housing which successfully sold the Prescott condo project at N. Henry and Cameron Streets. Given ARHA's major redevelopment activities in recent years, the Council has talked about appointing board members who could add value with their knowledge of real estate development and sales. Mr. Ballard would also understand the nuances involved in selling properties in this neighborhood.

The second candidate is Dipti Pidikiti-Smith, an attorney with Legal Services of Northern Virginia. Given the recent kerfuffle about ARHA's barment policy, the application for the board vacancy is worth noting. Is this merely the reflection of a personal interest or is the Englin network regrouping?

Those who followed the controversy a few months ago may want to contact Council and give them their opinion on the potential appointment. The link to E-mail the Mayor and Council is on the right side of this page.


On Tuesday night Christopher Ballard was appointed to the ARHA vacancy with six supporting votes of Council. Dipti Pidikiti-Smith received one vote from Council Member Hughes.