Thursday, February 18, 2010

What Does It All Mean?

The Growler is doing some head scratching trying to figure out what was really going on at Tuesday's Council meeting as they made their latest appointment to the ARHA board.

The vacancy was created by the recent resignation of Kerry-Ann Powell.

From the discussion among Council at the hearing, it appears ARHA CEO Roy Priest wrote to the Council asking that they postpone their vote so that candidates with needed legal skills or real estate development knowledge could be recruited. Council member Alicia Hughes then introduced a motion to readvertise the position because there was only a period of 72 hours between the Council formally accepting Ms. Powell's resignation at a previous hearing and the closing date set for nominations.

In preliminary balloting before Tuesday's Council meeting neither candidate achieved the necessary majority of four votes. After rejecting Ms. Hughes' motion, the Council revoted and selected Brett Libresco, a World Bank economist and Del Ray resident who previously worked as a project manager in New York City's public housing authority. Ms. Hughes declined to vote and Councilman Frank Fannon abstained.

So what does it all mean?

Was the attempted postponement really an attempt to secure the best possible candidate or was it a Republican-led move prompted by players behind the scenes? The request clearly made Councilman Paul Smedberg angry.

Is it significant that Mr. Libresco lives on the same block in Del Ray as Lenny Harris? Now that Del. David Englin has been scorched by association, will the new ARHA board member be Mr. Harris's entree to influence?

Or is Mr. Libresco just the latest youthful Del Ray resident (think Justin Wilson) being given his boost up the political ladder by Mayor Euille and the Democrats with a significant board appointment?