Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Police Benevolent Association Weighs In

Late last night the Growler received the following comment from the head of Alexandria's Police Benevolent Association.
To the members of the Parker Gray community, I want you all to know that I along with the state president of the PBA met with Delegate Englin this morning in Richmond about this issue. We had a very constructive meeting where we expressed our concerns and made it clear that the bill as written was not acceptable to the Alexandria Police Benevolent Association.

As a PBA endorsed candidate, Delegate Englin has always stood side by side with the over 350 members of the Alexandria PBA in keeping our community safe. We made it clear that we do not support this bill as written. Delegate Englin was very receptive
to our ideas on possible changes to the propsed legislation. We will be in close contact with Delegate Englin throughout this process and continue to work with him in keeping Alexandria a safe place to live and work.

The Alexandria PBA stands with the Parker Gray community in opposition to this bill as written and will continue to work with Delegate Englin to come to an acceptable solution.

Michael Kochis
President Alexandria PBA