Tuesday, July 07, 2009


"Concentrated poverty created by concentrated public housing is a key factor in the crime that persists in Parker Gray. " So wrote Gerri Madrid-Davis in her recent letter to the Alexandria Gazette.

She was reacting to a quote by ARHA Chairman Melvin Miller in the previous week's issue of the Gazette: "When I look at the police reports, I don’t see any indication crime is higher around public housing than anywhere else in the city."

Let readers be the judge of the data. The Growler has assembled crime statistics from the Alexandria Police Department's online crime database from January 1, 2009 to the present for Census Tract 16, which comprises Parker-Gray as well as the area around the Braddock Metro.

For reporting purposes, the census tract is broken down into sub-tracts, and crimes reported for each sub-tract. Subtracts A, B, and C are the northernmost; J, K and L are the closest to King Street. Click here to see a police map of the Census tracts.

What relationships do YOU see?

An addendum to Michael Lee Pope's original story in the Gazette on homicide in our neighborhood. Here is a document compiled by the Growler -- again from the Police Department statistics -- demonstrating that nearly 40% of the homicides in Alexandria since January 1, 2005 have taken place in this neighborhood, which is only a small section of the total geographic area of the City.

Mr. Pope pointed out that several of the crimes, such as the double murder on N. Patrick Street, were committed on public housing property or by residents of public housing.

After checking court records, the Growler can confirm that one of the suspects in the Siddiqi murder case lived in public housing on Yale Drive, and that Sebastian Carter who murdered Lawrence Sims in December 2005 was a former resident of Andrew Adkins.