Monday, June 22, 2009

We are The Real Victims

The victim in last Thursday's homicide in the alley behind the 600 block of N. Payne Street has now been identified by Alexandria police as Michael James Horton, 45, of Butler, Pennsylvania.

Lest anyone think he was in town to see the Air and Space Museum, check out this link which the Growler and others found while Googling his name. [Note to readers: overnight the U.S. Marshals removed the information about Mr. Horton from their Web site. Fortunately, the Growler had saved a copy of the PDF file and the link now downloads the document from]

Apparently Mr. Horton was wanted by a U.S. Marshals Task Force in Western Pennsylvania for a parole violation on a burglary charge, was described as "a known drug user" with "violent tendencies" and was considered "armed and dangerous."

Curiously, the press release says the autopsy determined the cause of death was homicide, but did not describe the means employed to kill Mr. Horton. Was he beaten to death, knifed, or shot? All that is mentioned is trauma to the upper body.

But the bigger question is what a sweetheart like this from Pennsylvania was doing in our neighborhood?

If Parker-Gray is a place where violent fugitives from other jurisdictions seemingly feel at home, is it time to rise up against City Hall's failed housing policies, its rigid imposition of an outmoded identity, and its ridiculous urban "planning" efforts and demand that this community receive the protections and consideration that other neighborhoods do by right?