Monday, May 11, 2009


The election is over readers, and the public housing topic is now officially closed for the summer, per the Curmudgeonly One.

There is more to life in Parker-Gray than ARHA, and it's time to celebrate the good things about our neighborhood and stop lamenting. We've made our point in the elections, and come September we'll start to see what the new Council is all about.

Here is the Growler's last word on the topic for the summer (and I DO mean all summer, unless there is news of earthshaking importance):

ARHA's board conducted a retreat earlier this year — the first ever — and laid out new goals and a plan of action. Let's give them a chance and then revisit the issue in six months or so to see how things are going.

Meanwhile, when are we going to talk about the gardens of Parker-Gray? The Growler used to be the only plant fanatic in the neighborhood, but suddenly now everyone around the Cantankerous One's house is putting down sod and planting hostas and peonies. In fact, it appears some of our neighbors on N. West Street are in a competition to have the greenest, most lush grass in Alexandria.

What's blooming on YOUR block?