Saturday, April 25, 2009


Dear Readers:

On the eve of the May 5 Alexandria General Election, an article on is apparently creating a sensation in our neighborhood.

It is an account of the Council candidate forum at the Departmental Progressive Club last week, moderated by reinstated ARHA board chairman A. Melvin Miller.

A few months ago the Alexandria Democratic and Republican parties agreed to participate in only five joint debates across the City. Apparently this event (along with an Old Town Civic Association/Federation debate next week) are special exceptions.

Some who have read this article are outraged because they feel that the candidates' statements, particularly those of some of the incumbents, reveal that the fate of this neighborhood is sealed. Others feel that those who have posed as friends of this neighborhood are really wolves in sheep's clothing.

The Growler offers no judgment. Read the article, which includes an inflammatory misquote from citizen testimony at a Council hearing earlier this year, and ask: are the politicians yanking the chain or are they being yanked by others.

Then ask yourself: is this the year for bullet voting or plunking as it is also called?