Thursday, April 23, 2009


There was much talk at last night's candidate forum about economic development. More on the debate tomorrow, but the Growler's beginning to wonder just what is really happening on that front as opposed to the candidates' public posturing.

The Cranky One has learned that in the last week or so that the private Alexandria Economic Development Partnership (AEDP) has dismissed nearly all of its staff.

First move toward a reorganization? Well, possibly.

But someone needs to explain why the position of AEDP director has been left vacant for some nine months, since the abrupt departure of Stuart Litvin last July. Mr. Litvin served for slightly less than a year. In fact, the post was vacant for a long stretch before that. Stephanie Landrum (who escaped the recent bloodbath) appears to have spent more time as acting director than any of the recent incumbents.

And a close examination of AEDP's Web site reveals more problems. The AEDP's document listing retail opportunity sites hasn't been updated since September 2008 and is more than six months old while the small office leasing site page hasn't been updated since December 2007. Even if a reorganization is in the works, who is cracking the whip to ensure some of these mundane tasks continue to get done at the private-public partnership?

Postscript (4/26)

An alert reader informed the Growler that AEDP had a new Director lined up but just a week ago he declined the job to stay in South Carolina and also advised the Cranky One that Alert Reader had complained to the Mayor and Mark Jinks several times about the constantly-postponed Web redesign and stale content, noting that AEDP had information as old as 2005 on the site.

But miracle of miracles, after the Growler's posting appeared the site was suddenly updated with the new AEDP board (appointed in February) ... and a small office space leasing page that is now dated December 2008.

The big Q now is why it is necessary to out the City on a blog to get mundane things done.