Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wake-Up Call?

The Growler was astonished by the results of the recent special election for the 46th District House seat.

In Tuesday's race — necessitated when Brian Moran abruptly resigned to run for governor of Virginia — Democrat Charniele Herring barely squeaked by Republican opponent Joe Murray, leading with only 16 votes.

The following day, the Republican majority in the House of Delegates refused to seat Ms. Herring, citing the possibility of a recount demand by Mr. Murray.

The 46th District includes some turf outside Alexandria (such as the Skyline complex) but also encompasses a large chunk of the City's West End.

Granted there was low turnout (only 2,600 voters bothered to show up), but are the Alexandria Dems in trouble if they couldn't make this election a more clear-cut victory for Ms. Herring?

And what will happen if the City's Republican party backs some strong candidates in the Council race in May?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm .... Growler loves competition.