Friday, November 21, 2008

Breaking the Camel's Back

The news is out that earlier this month one of ARHA's high-ranking officials, Marye Ish, was charged with marijuana possession in Charles County. A trial is scheduled for April 2009.

Ms. Ishe, who is ARHA's Director of Housing Operations, also represents ARHA on the board of the Chatham Square homeowners association.

Next Tuesday, November 25 the Council will vote to fill two seats on the ARHA board, including that of Chairman A. Melvin Miller, whose term is expiring but who is asking to be reappointed.

Given the numerous FBI raids in recent years, the forced departure of former CEO William Dearman for improper procurement involving the significant other of another top ARHA official, and the general energy-sapping obstructionism of the housing authority's current leadership (on display throughout the BEAG and James Bland processes), does it not behoove the Council to pick carefully and ensure we have a reform-minded Board that can backstop new CEO Roy Priest make much needed changes in the agency?

This is one set of board appointments that will be closely watched by this community.