Monday, September 15, 2008

The Krupicka Question

As many readers already know, a large group of citizens from the Inner City, Braddock Lofts, and Chatham Square went to City Hall on Saturday morning to speak during the public comment section of the City Council hearing.

According to the Mayor, this was the longest public comment period he could ever remember.

The majority of the speakers expressed the need to further deconcentrate public housing, especially James Bland, Samuel Madden and Andrew Adkins.

Afterward, a number of the speakers who were gathered in the hallway outside the Council chamber were approached by Councilman Rob Krupicka, who had left the session in order to talk with us. Based on that conversation, this morning the Growler sent him the following E-mail:

Thank you for joining us in the hallway following the public comment session at last Saturday's Council meeting. Your continuing interest is always appreciated, but given the nature of the discussion I have two questions related to the public housing off-siting issue.

First, are you -- and in turn City Council -- prepared to make an alternative, legally-binding commitment to the community regarding the number of units that will be off-sited from each public housing project in the Braddock area?

The draft Braddock East plan as released on August 29 contains no numbers or timetable. Mr. Miller opposes any statement of numbers and consequently it is only a vague document that will be incorporated into Alexandria's Master Plan and hence become the City's guiding policy.

Second, did you not dismiss Potomac Yard as a location for off-sited units? If this is correct, can you advise me what other areas in the City are similarly "off limits"? A scattered site program likely requires multiple locations.