Friday, August 29, 2008

Labor Day Roundup

Off the Rails

For those staying behind in Alexandria this holiday weekend, a word to the wise. The Blue and Yellow lines on Metro between the Braddock Road station and National Airport will be closed so that WMATA can replace aging tracks between the two stations.

The work will commence at 9 P.M. this evening (Friday, August 29) and conclude Tuesday morning, September 2 at 4 AM.

Shuttle bus service will be provided every 5 minutes between Braddock Road and National Airport. The Blue and Yellow lines will operate without disruption between the Springfield/Franconia or Huntington and Braddock Road, and from National Airport northward to the ends of both lines.

No Banner for Jefferson-Houston?

Sometimes it's the small cuts that hurt the most.

Dr. Morton Sherman, the newly-arrived superintendent of Alexandria City Public Schools, published a letter on the school district Web site yesterday announcing that he was doing away with the big banners which schools hang every year proclaiming "This school is fully accredited."

Dr. Sherman states that with most Alexandria schools now accredited, "we have outgrown the banners" and that it's time to start thinking about "how we measure and celebrate success in our schools."

While Dr. Sherman has a point, his actions essentially deny our neighborhood the symbolic satisfaction of seeing such a banner hung at Jefferson-Houston School for the first time in years. Think of the hard work and long hours that Principal Kym Graves and her staff have put in to bring this school up from the depths. Think of all the hard work that parents have put in to help turn the school around.

It's also darned good advertising for prospective homebuyers in our neighborhood.

Why couldn't the banners be phased out next year?

Click here if you would like to E-mail the new superintendent and ask him to reconsider this policy.

What NIMBYism?

The Growler happened to be prowling through some old City Council dockets and discovered that in the 2002 Council hearing on the scattered site units for the old Berg (now Chatham Square), the North Ridge Citizens Association supported having some units in their neighborhood.

These are the public housing units on the south side of Braddock Road near the intersection of Quaker Lane, Braddock Road and King Street. Frankly, most people driving by wouldn't know these are ARHA homes.

It's a credit to Northridge residents, whose community is one of the most affluent in town. Who says that discussion of scattered site housing will always result in a cry of NIMBYism?


Have a safe and happy Labor Day!