Friday, July 25, 2008

A New Dawn for JH?

Has Jefferson-Houston now emerged from its long academic slump?

An article that appeared yesterday on states that Jefferson-Houston pupils has finally met the minimum State Standards of Learning benchmarks for accreditation.

That's good tidings for everyone, and kudos must go to Principal Kim Graves as well as the once-beleagured and now departed School Superintendent Rebecca Perry.

Interestingly, while the article noted the test results were released Wednesday night to the public, as of 9:00 AM today ACPS has apparently not yet issued a press release (at least it's not on the school district's Web site). A note at the end of the article in fact states "The scores have not been adjusted and could change once ACPS administrators have had an opportunity to fully review them."

Sounds like a controlled leak of preliminary results to the Growler. The site is controlled by former School Board member Rodger Digilio, a staunch supporter of former School Board Chairman Claire Eberwein. School Board member Scott Newsham's daughter Rebecca (a former Jefferson-Houston pupil and this year's co-valedictorian at T.C. Williams), is listed on the masthead as a "Community Journalist."

No surprise this news "slipped out" rather prematurely, since there is a hotly contested special election next month in District B to replace Ms. Eberwein, with a candidate debate scheduled for next Tuesday, July 31.

But if the JH results stand unchanged even after administrators' adjustments, it would be great news for our neighborhood.