Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Medicine for the Doctors

Tonight from 7:00 – 9:30 pm there will be a "Community Forum" at George Washington Middle School on the topic: "Winning a Metro Station for Potomac Yard: What Would It Take?"

This meeting is billed as a "joint program" of the Coalition for Smarter Growth, Alexandrians Delivering Smart Growth at Metro Stations (ADAM), and the Del Ray Citizens Association, complete with speakers and an audience participation question and answer session.

Readers, spare yourself the meeting and repeat after the Growler:

"1. It will take high density development ALL OVER THE YARD to justify a $150 million Metro station, not just shifting it around between landbays to placate the NIMBYs of Del Ray.

"2. It's not smart growth to find excuses for the dumbing down of Potomac Yard, which this meeting may be all about. The Smarter Growth Coalition and ADAM need to take their own medicine (which they readily shoved down our throats with the Braddock Road Plan) and advocate density similar to what Arlington is already building all over its side of the Yard.

"3. Don't you dare try to tax residents of other Alexandria neighborhoods to pay for Del Ray's ongoing folly, which has cost and will continue to cost the City untold volumes of current and future tax revenue."

'Nuff said ...