Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Search Goes On?

This just in from the Alexandria School Board:

"The Board will be extending the search for candidates for the superintendency. The Board will not be continuing its relationship with Ray and Associates. Dr. William Symons will continue as interim superintendent. Dr. Symons is not a candidate for the permanent superintendent position.

"For background information on the search, please visit"

Just last week we heard there were three finalists. Did they get cold feet after learning the story of Rebecca Perry or did they not tell School Board Chairman Claire Eberwein what she wanted to hear? Read the comments of finalist Scott Kizner in the Martinsville Bulletin about his decision to withdraw and make up your own mind.

Now that ACPS has severed ties with Ray & Associates, will the search now be given to Isaacson Miller, where former Alexandria Superintendent Dr. Herbert M. Berg serves as a consultant? Dr. Berg is listed as a contact for Isaacson Miller's open search for an Executive Director at Advance Illinois.

Another possibility could be BWP Associates. A January 2008 article in the Alexandria Gazette indicated that acting superintendent Dr. William Symons had worked as a consultant for BWP. In fact, the Growler has found that Dr. Symons is working with Dr. Berg on BWP's current search for a new superintendent in Horry County, South Carolina.

Readers may or may not remember that it was Dr. Berg, along with Ms. Eberwein, who created the 1999 school redistricting scheme which virtually resegregated Alexandria schools and led to the current sad state of Jefferson-Houston Elementary School.

We'll be watching this one closely ...