Saturday, March 01, 2008

Now Is The Time

It's time to get serious, readers.

The Braddock Road Metro Small Area Plan will be considered by Planning Commission on Tuesday, March 4 at 7:30 PM at City Hall (301 King Street). Immediately after it on the docket is the Jaguar project to the north of the Meridian building.

Here are points of concern about the Plan that many of you have talked about on this blog in recent months:

1, New development totaling nearly 2.4 million s.f., with two 77’ buildings on the Metro parking lot, a 7-story hotel across West Street from Metro, and buildings as high as 120 to 149 feet at the Jaguar.

2. A proposed parking district 1,000 feet around Metro, permitting developers to build fewer underground parking spots than zoning normally requires.

3. Analysis claiming to show there will be little impact on our roads because 50% of the new residents and 70% of the office workers will share cars or use Metro, and that our streets (including Route 1) can handle congestion from new development since local traffic will displace regional traffic.

4. Plans for the redevelopment of James Bland, but with preliminary site plans raising concerns about how height, density and the lack of open space will affect single-family homes nearby.

5. Emphasis on mixed-income housing but little information about when other projects like Andrew Adkins will be redeveloped and whether any units will be moved off-site.

6. Increased height on the Metro parking lot to finance a new entrance across the tracks for Rosemont and Del Ray residents, but no additional density on their side of the tracks.

7. No green space at the Metro parking lot, but a proposal for a new park on the Post Office block (though the City has had no meaningful conversations with USPS yet).

8. No solution to the hazardous intersection of Braddock Road, Wythe and West Streets and no detail on how the Potomac Yard/Crystal City BRT, taxis, buses, kiss-and-ride drivers, hotel and commercial traffic can flow around the Metro lot once it is developed.

Click on the link below to read the entire 167-page Braddock Road Metro Small Area Plan draft.

If you have problems with this Plan, you MUST turn out for the meeting Tuesday. If you are committed elsewhere, the links listed below are provided so you can send your comments before Tuesday's hearing.

Planning Commission

Mayor and City Council (Group E-mail)

Now go for it!