Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Marking Time

Another rug has been pulled out from the Ad Hoc Transportation Task Force position that Alexandria needs to tie up to Fairfax County and provide transportation to Ft. Belvoir to follow Army jobs that are being shifted south.

According to the Alexandria Gazette, the Army is now considering relocating some of its defense-related jobs to the Mark Center, a West End Alexandria site located between I-395, Seminary Road and N. Beauregard Street.

The 19-acre site will be weighed by the Army along with the Victory Center (also in Alexandria) and the GSA depot in Springfield. The latter two sites are both close to Metro stops.

The Task Force identified Van Dorn/N. Beauregard Streets as one of its three proposed transit corridors, the others being Route 1 in our neighborhood and Duke Street with an Eisenhower Avenue extension.

The news about the Mark Center strengthens the case that if the relocation of defense-related jobs is driving the proposed Master Transportation Plan changes, it would be best to leave our neighborhood out of the BRT scheme altogether and focus instead on the other two corridors.