Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mid-Week Catchup

Didn't the Growler tell you this would be a busy fall? Events are flying fast and thick, so here's just a few updates to keep you current.

Bring On the Wrecking Ball

As we all anticipated, last night Council approved the redevelopment plans for Glebe Park and the new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with ARHA, as well as the funding to retire the HUD mortgage on the troubled Arlandria project.

Click here to read the City's press release about the new relationship.

Farewell to the Arts Focus

Also as expected, the Alexandria School Board voted on October 18 to suspend the arts focus at Jefferson-Houston Elementary School. Click here to read more about the decision.

Body Count

Alexandria Police Chief Dave Baker has responded to Councilman Rob Krupicka's recent request for more information about how the force is handling crime in the Inner City. The request arose a few days after another a homicide victim was discovered in the 400 block of N. Columbus Street. This brings the total number of murders in the Braddock Road Metro area to four this year, including a double homicide in April on N. Patrick Street and the stabbing at the Carpenter's Shelter on N. Henry Street in July.

What isn't apparent from the memo is that the Inner City has been down one community police officer for many months. When Officer Walter Green transferred to another beat in the West End, his position was not filled but police have been cagy about saying outright that the second community policing position here has been abolished.