Friday, July 20, 2007

Weekend Shorts

Route 1 Body Count: 3

Last night around 8:30 p.m. Alexandria police were called to the Carpenter's Shelter at 930 North Henry Street after receiving a report of a man bleeding from an upper-body injury. The man died at the scene and an autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death.

It isn't clear at this point if the man, who remains unidentified pending notification of last kin, was a Carpenter's Shelter resident or not. Street talk has it that he was stabbed at the nearby McDonald's.

This is the fifth homicide in Alexandria this year; there were five murders in Alexandria last year.

But another statistical fact is that this is the third homicide victim who died on Route 1 this year. Two men were found murdered in the middle of the 800 block of N. Patrick Street back in April. A suspect has been arrested in that case.

Still unsolved: the brazen rush-hour murder of David Murphy in the 400 block of N. Patrick Street in December 2005.

BRT Alert

Our friends on the City’s Ad Hoc Transportation Task Force have released a draft of the transportation master plan update and are soliciting comments and feedback on the draft document.

Comments on the draft plan can be e-mailed to the task force at or mailed to:

Transportation Task Force
c/o Transportation and Environmental Services
City of Alexandria
301 King Street, Room 4100
Alexandria, Virginia 22314

In the fall, the task force will hold a series of public meetings to receive additional feedback from the community, so we'll be on the lookout for future announcements of these meetings to share with our concerned friends on Patrick and Henry Streets.

Sign of the Times?

One of the marketing recommendations buried in the draft report of the Economic Sustainability Task Force is that the King Street and Braddock Road Metro stations be renamed.

Among the task force suggestions: redubbing "King Street" as "Old Town - King Street," or "Old Town - South," with Braddock Road being retitled as "Old Town - Braddock Road" or "Braddock Road - Potomac Yard" or "Old Town - North."

The Growler is flat out against any name associating Braddock Road with Potomac Yard. Let the Potomac Yard moniker be reserved for the station that the politicans believe will rise like Lazarus from the grave that Del Ray consigned it to years ago, along with its sister station at Four Mile Run.

But the suggestions to link Braddock Road Metro to Old Town are welcome. It gives us a boost on the prestige scale and those who thought they were buying into Old Town when they moved here might just be vindicated indirectly in the near future.

Will the next step be union with Old Town -- a civic and political union based on common points of history and architecture, as well as the predominance of single-family homeownership?

Call us "Old Town" any day of the week. The Growler likes the ring of it.