Friday, June 29, 2007

These Boots Were Made For Walking

An alert neighbor who read yesterday's article adds more fuel to the debate about Landbay L at Potomac Yard, which is getting less development density than the eastern side of the Braddock Road Metro station.

In regard to your post today “Landbay L: Put It Back on the Table?” I offer the following.

The US Green Building Council is an organization that certifies buildings based on their contributions to sustainable design. If a building achieves a certain number of points in various categories then it gets rated; certified being the lowest and continuing on up through silver and gold to the highest rating which is platinum. A building is awarded one point, i.e. considered environmentally friendly, if it is located with ½ mile of a commuter rail station.

I have attached the page from the LEED reference guide that defines the requirement. I have also attached a map which shows a ½ mile radius around the Braddock Road Station. It clearly includes the terminus of the proposed Main Street.

The USGBC disagrees with city staff that 1,500 – 2,500 feet is too far to walk. In fact that range of distances falls nicely within the ½ mile standard; ½ mile being 2,640 feet. As you already know approximately ½ of the metro stations catchment area is left out of consideration in the current plan.

This map illustrates that pretty well. I think this is certainly a picture that paints a thousand words.