Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Can A Picture Paint A Thousand Words?

This is a photo of the Braddock Road Metro area taken by the Growler from the current Monroe Avenue Bridge. The perspective is looking south toward King Street and the George Washington Memorial Masonic Temple.

The picture had to be snapped from behind the protective chain link fence on the bridge, but it clearly shows the existing 1 million square feet of office buildings and condos on the east side of the railroad tracks around the Braddock Road Metro station. The land which is being cleared on the west side of the railroad tracks is the southernmost dogleg of the Potomac Yard tract.

On the left or east side of the tracks, we will be getting 3 million square feet of new development in addition to what is already there.

On the right, west of the railroad lines, are Potomac Yard Landbays K, L and M.

Landbays K and M will be parks, one of which will supplement the existing open space at George Washington Middle School. Landbay L will have a mere 473,000 square feet of commercial space, 358 townhomes and another half-acre of open space.

While musing over this photo, note that both sides have equal proximity to Metro but remember also that the railroad tracks historically marked the divide between the predominantly black community in Uptown (Parker-Gray) on the left and the white communities in Del Ray and Rosemont on the right.

Then ask yourself if this is smart growth?