Thursday, June 14, 2007


A couple of tidbits from the Cranky One:

Let There Be Transparency

The Examiner ran an article last Friday on the secret interviews being planned by consultants Kramer & Associates for the Braddock Road small area plan. Nothing like shedding a little press light on the City's questionable methodology.


And by the way ... the gentleman in the Growler's breakout group at the Monday meeting who lives in Hume Springs and was a big advocate for density turns out to be an associate with Harry "Bud" Hart's law firm Hart Calley Gibbs — something not divulged in the discussions.

David L. Chamowitz popped up last night at the ICCA meeting to help promote the huge Jaguar project in the Braddock Northern Gateway.


Neighbors along Fayette and Princess Streets are singing hallelujahs since the "For Sale by Owner" sign went up on on 401 N. Fayette.

The home was once owned by the late Woodrow Randall, businessman and founder of King Cab Co. It was bought in 2005 from his heirs by Nathan Carter and Ronald Banks, who turned it into a unregulated halfway house for men recently released from prison.

The Secret Service raided the place two weeks ago in connection with an investigation into identity theft and credit card fraud, which sent the neighborhood grapevine into overload.