Saturday, June 09, 2007

Who is ADAM?

Hmmm, nothing like starting the weekend with a mystery...

An orange postcard arrived in the Growler's den on Friday from a group calling itself Alexandrians Delivering Smart Growth Around Metro Stations (ADAM), which exhorted "The Braddock Road Metro opened in 1983. It's time to get on board."

Well, the Growler's been boarding the Metro for two and a half decades. The Cranky One doesn't need any push from ADAM in that direction.

The back of the card promoted mixed use at Metro, and included a link to the smart growth section of EPA's Web site.

The Growler researched the address on the card — 1800 Diagonal Road, Suite 600 — and it appears the address is an executive suite with individual offices rented out to a variety of businesses, sole practitioner law firms, and legal services companies.
So what is ADAM and who is financing it?