Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Election News

Candidate Forum Tonight

Tonight the Democratic Party is holding its "Meet the Candidates" forum at Minnie Howard School, 3801 West Braddock Road from 7 to 10 PM.

If you want to know where the candidates stand on hot issues for Parker-Gray like the Braddock Road plan, development, BRT, public housing, and crime, wend your way to the West End and make sure your questions are asked. Of course, whether you'll get an honest answer is an entirely different matter!

The Democratic primary is scheduled for this Saturday, June 9 from noon until 10 P.M. at Minnie Howard school.

Coincidence or Strategy?

And speaking of the primary, the Growler is intrigued to see that Lenwood H. "Lenny" Harris is one of the Democratic candidates in the field of five.

Mr. Harris is a businessman and activist who has worked closely with City youth and organized a variety of outreach programs, including Operation H.O.P.E. He is a former member of the Community Services Board, where he served with development attorney Harry "Bud" Hart in FY 2006. While on the CSB Mr. Harris also functioned as liaison to the school system's Substance Abuse Education & Violence Prevention Advisory Committee.

Some readers may not realize it, but it was Mr. Harris who, at the conclusion of the Mayor's walk last year, expressed public dismay that the picnic tables were removed from Hunter-Miller Park. It seemed odd at the time that a Del Ray homeowner would come over here and take such an interest in the park. It's even more peculiar that a youth advocate would not be alarmed that the tables in a park designed for children were being used by drug dealers, the reason the police removed them in early 2006.

Since then, we've seen Mr. Harris assume a higher profile. He was interviewed by a leading magazine in his profession, and the article indicates that he meets regularly with Mayor William D. Euille, who is also known for his interest in young people.

And when the Alexandria Democratic Committee site published the candidates' answers to a series of questions, Mr. Harris's answers emphasized affordable housing as well as youth issues.

Now it doesn't appear to the Growler that Mr. Harris has much of a chance in the primary race, given the fact that the Mayor and Council swiftly backed Justin Wilson's candidacy the minute the ink was dry on Vice Mayor Andrew Macdonald's resignation letter.

But read yesterday's Growler posting and ask yourself if it doesn't look like Mr. Harris is being positioned by the Mayor and his chums to be the ideal person to reclaim the old identity of Parker-Gray and deliver the neighborhood for the Dems and developers?

The Code of Justin-ian

The Growler found this old comment from candidate Justin Wilson on Council Member Tim Lovain's old campaign site:

The heart of our quality of life is the character of our neighborhoods. We need to ensure that traffic plans, development and redevelopment don’t endanger
that character.
So if elected will Mr. Wilson respect the quality of life in all neighborhoods, including ours?