Friday, May 11, 2007

Walk This Way

After the ICCA meeting on Wednesday, the Growler is starting to better understand the focus of next week's Mayoral walk in Parker-Gray.

As noted earlier, it was puzzling that this year's walk should start so early in the evening, before many homeowners have returned from work — and on a week night to boot.

But now it appears the emphasis won't be on crime or public housing, at least not unless residents most affected turn out and bend the ears of the politicians who will be participating in the stroll.

While soliciting opinion about a proposed route at Wednesday's meeting, ICCA President Patricia Schubert noted the path the group would take would start from Durant Center and lead up West Street to the Braddock Road Metro. She then alluded briefly to "what could be built" at the Metro, and then quickly segued to the drainage issue at the intersection of Wythe and Braddock Road.


WMATA's thirst to develop the Metro parking lot and the soggy sewers at West and Wythe are Braddock Road plan issues. Looks to the Growler like the walk may be another attempt to sell us on the plan, while skirting other critical issues like crime.

And that's why Ms. Schubert also talked about the fact that although the walk may take two to three hours, it would be important to see some things in daylight, although we all know that's when the festivities tend to begin.

Once again, the Growler senses that the crime issues are being downplayed. At the same ICCA meeting there were disclosures by Police Captain Bill Johnson that drug deals and hand-to-hand transactions are being observed again in the nearby Pendleton Street pocket park between West and N. Payne Streets. The Growler also heard through the grapevine earlier this week that cops busted a pair of thieves based at Adkins who specialized in stealing and reselling bikes secured across the street at Metro. Is this a prelude to a long, hot summer?

Nevertheless, the walk is not entirely scripted and can be what residents choose to make of it. It's an opportunity to talk to politicians one-on-one and point out problems or issues that may not be officially on the agenda.

So readers, dust off your walking shoes and put a fresh battery in the flashlight and we'll see you at the Durant Center next Wednesday, May 16 at 6:30 p.m.

If you can't make it until later, just watch for the crowd. We'll be out there.