Monday, April 23, 2007

License to Kill

As many residents have now heard, a suspect in the N. Patrick Street double homicide was arrested over the weekend.

The most telling detail we have besides the suspect's name (Darrell Watson) is that he resides at 403 Euille Court. That's an address in the Chatham Square development, but the Growler seriously doubts that Mr. Watson is one of the homeowners who paid nearly six figures for their homes. He more than likely lives in one of the public housing units at the mixed-income development.

So we have a double murder adjacent to one housing project that has been tentatively ascribed to the resident of another nearby housing project.

Meanwhile, we are hearing that the lucky residents of Old Town will eventually be freed of the WMATA bus barn at Pendleton Street, which will be slated for redevelopment as townhouses. We also learned last week that Alexandria's DASH bus system is going to relocate its bus barn elsewhere in the City.

So apparently Alexandria can push to disperse motor vehicles but not public housing. Under pressure, the City can find suitable real estate for its buses but not for subsidized housing.

Had enough yet?