Thursday, April 05, 2007

Pendleton Roundup

This in from Kelly Conner about last night's meeting on 717 Pendleton:

James Hunt from the City's Department of Planning and Zoning gave an informative presentation about Ace Temporaries' application to remove the longstanding proffer restricting the use of 717 Pendleton Street to a business or professional office. The applicant ostensibly claims that it wants the proffer removed to make the property more salable.

Mr. Hunt explained that if the proffer were to be removed, the building would be zoned commercial low (CL). He listed the by right uses in a CL zone, as well as the uses permitted with an SUP in a CL zone. These include congregate housing facility, funeral home, rooming house, and, ironically, day labor agency.

The attendees who spoke at the meeting made it quite clear that they were categorically opposed to Ace's application to remove of the proffer. Mr. Hunt also noted that he had heard from numerous other neighbors not in attendance, all of whom had expressed the same sentiments. He indicated that he had heard the neighborhood "loud and clear." Indeed, the consensus was so strong that the meeting wrapped up quite quickly.

Mr. Hunt told us that he had studied the property, including making a site visit. He stated that the next step would be for staff to make a recommendation to the Planning Commission on Ace's application. He estimated that the staff report would be available by April 20th. The Planning Commision is scheduled to hear the application on May 1st. After that, the matter will go to the City Council.

Mr. Hunt did state that if Ace's application to remove the proffer is denied, another such application may not be made for one year. The consensus was that Mr. Hunt was extremely accessible and professional. He again offered to answer any additional questions the neighborhood had.

His telephone number is (703) 838-3866, ext. 326. and his email address is

Let me know if you have any additional questions, Growler. Thanks again for providing a forum for neighborhod information.