Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Missing in Action

We've been hearing a lot about "misinformation" from City officials or their stand-ins lately. But here's some significant information gaps in the Alexandria Web site that seem quite important in the ongoing debate about transportation and development.

Ad Hoc Transportation Task Force

The City's Web team appears to have stopped posting Task Force minutes for more than a year. It's been January 2006 since any minutes or files other than the recent draft report chapters have been uploaded to the T&ES Department section of the City Web site. That's a problem because we need to know the thought process that brought the group to some of their conclusions.

Braddock Road Small Area Plan Meeting Notes (March 20, 2007)

It's been two weeks since the meeting and although we were promised notes twice on the plan Web site, none have yet been posted.

Braddock Road Small Area Plan -- Chapters 8, 9 and 14

Despite multiple postponements in the Plan's torturous move toward approval, the public has still not been presented with three chapters of the draft. It would appear from the information on page vii of the draft Executive Summary that the missing chapters are "Affordable Housing," "Sustainability and Green Building Technology," and "Development Opportunity Sites and Design Standards."

For the Swinging Set

Here are electronic copies of some of the documents handed out at the recent community meeting on the renovation of Hunter-Miller Park.

The playground renovation survey in PDF format will need to be printed, completed and returned in hard copy to the Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities, Attention: Judy Lo, 1108 Jefferson St., Alexandria, VA 22314

If you like to do things electronically, here's the same survey in Microsoft Word format, which can be completed and E-mailed to Judy Lo (

Finally, here's a recommended Playground Tour list which details sites in Alexandria and Arlington with different configurations and various types of equipment. Parents might want to check out as future options for Hunter-Miller Park.