Sunday, April 01, 2007

Bus Stops

In the last few days, some commenters have denied on this site that the Ad Hoc Transportation Task Force had anything to do with inserting language about bus rapid transit (BRT) into the draft Braddock Road Small Area Plan, placing the blame instead on Transportation & Environmental Services Director Rich Baier.

But readers might like to take a look the draft version of the new master transportation plan posted on the City's web site. On page 4, the map not only shows the Route 1 transportation corridor running all the way to the Fairfax County line, it also indicates "smart stations" at Princess Street between Henry and Patrick, at Duke Street between Henry and Patrick, and at Franklin Street.

"The task force never looked out or considered taking this BRT beyond the Braddock Metro station through already built up areas."

Does the Task Force also claim no knowledge about this detailed information in their own report?