Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Cops' Top 10

The recent comments on Mickey D's compelled the Growler to look at the Police Department's monthly reports for the last 90 days.

Lo and behold, our neighborhood is in the cops' top 10 list of calls for service for the last three months running. Here's the breakdown:

December 2006: 1000 N. Henry Street (McDonald's)
January 2007: 1000 N. Henry Street (McDonald's)
February 2007: 411 E. Braddock Road (7-11)

The Growler isn't sure what to make about these sites, located respectively at the northern and western ends of our community.

Is this a sign of a permanent resurgence or does it represent just a periodic bubbling up of chronic hot spots?

Why are these sites a problem, and how does their experience speak to other retail businesses considering a move to this neighborhood?