Thursday, March 22, 2007


Some faithful readers may not be aware that the City of Alexandria is looking for a new slogan, something catchy to replace "The Fun Side of the Potomac."

Maybe the problem with Parker-Gray is that we need to market ourselves better. Perhaps if we had our own slogans we'd feel better about ourselves.

So to get the ball rolling, let the Growler present the top 10 slogans for our beloved neighborhood:

10. Parker-Gray: The Fun Side of Washington Street

9. Unwind at Our Luxurious Spa Court

8. Join Us for Red Zone Season -- We Sizzle!

7. Tour Our Stately Public Housing, Carefully Preserved Since 1941

6. Parker-Gray. It'll Take Your Breath Away

5. PaGra: Alexandria's Answer to TriBeCa

4. Explore the Arts at Jefferson-Houston School

3. George Washington Never Slept Here

2. Parker-Gray: Gateway to Del Ray!

And (drumroll):

1. What Happens Here, Stays Here ... and Stays Here ... and Stays Here.