Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Here's a little factoid that might explain why some in this neighborhood think we are being hoodwinked and slam dunked on the Route 1 BRT issue.

In 2006, the Ad Hoc Transportation Task Force identified three "dedicated transit corridors": Duke Street, Van Dorn Street and Route 1 (Patrick & Henry Streets). The Task Force then held two public meetings about the proposal for dedicated transit corridors. The first meeting was held July 27, 2006 at the William Ramsey School on Sanger Avenue, in the West End. The second was held October 5 at Lyles-Crouch School in Old Town.

Now why would the City propose a dedicated transit corridor that runs smack through our neighborhood and most immediately affects homeowners in Parker-Gray, and not hold a public meeting at Jefferson-Houston to discuss it? Why hold such a meeting in Old Town, where there are few homeowners directly on Route 1?

And there's this to think about: Van Dorn and Duke Street have long been served by Dash or Metrobus or a combination of both. The notion of those streets serving as dedicated transit corridors is not going to rock anyone's world.

However, in all of the Growler's years here, the Cranky One cannot remember a time when Route 1 in our neighborhood (from Slater's Lane to the Fairfax County Line) has had such service. Yes, there have been buses that plied the northern leg of Route 1 (Jefferson Davis Highway) like the former #9 Metrobus, but it cut over on Powhatan and continued to Ft. Belvoir via the GW Parkway.