Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Take These Units and Shove Them ... into Parker-Gray

The Growler suffers, so ye may be enlightened.

During two marathon meetings Monday and Tuesday on the proposed redevelopment of public housing at Glebe Park, the Growler has confirmed that the density at the Arlandria ARHA property is being reduced. And the Resolution 830 public housing units that are not rebuilt on-site will be shifted to James Bland and James Bland Addition in our neighborhood.

Yes, that's right: more public housing for us. James Bland currently has 194 units of public housing. After redevelopment it will have 234 public housing and 184 market rate units for a total of 312 homes or a 50% increase in overall density.

So density lovers, rejoice! You are getting what you dreamed of, and which you so generously advocate for our neck of the neighborhood near Braddock Road Metro. And right in your back yard, too. The Growler is thrilled for you.

Of course, everyone will be so jammed at the Bland site they won't really get back yards or much significant open space. But that's OK, we live in an urban neighborhood, right? Open space and air are a luxury, even for kiddies. Let them go to the new Charles Houston recreation center if they want to play.

Meanwhile, the disgruntled Arlandrians from Lenox Place, Brighton Square and Beverly Hills will be celebrating. After hearing their complaints Monday, the City and EYA are racing to add a few market rate units back to the Old Dominion Boulevard section of the Glebe Park project before the annual tax credit application filing deadline on Friday.

At least someone in Alexandria is waking up happy this morning ...

Turkey Trot

While we're on the subject of the Mayor, the Growler has learned from well-placed sources that Mr. Euille took a trip to Turkey last year with a former City Planning & Zoning Director. This gentleman is a paid consultant for Bud Hart projects like 621 N. Payne Street and the proposed Braddock Place condos at 1261 Madison.

Now why would our Mayor need to run off to Turkey when things need fixing at home? And who paid for this trip?