Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Checking Out

Grassroots campaigns are springing up all around the neighborhood these days, and it seems the folks living around the infamous Travelodge on N. Washington Street have finally had enough.

Residents around the lodging have been sick and tired of seeing hookers and drug dealers operating around the motel and in the nearby alleys. The last straw came when they learned the City was footing the bill to put up individuals recently released from jail — hardly the right milieu for someone who might actually want to go straight.

Columbus Street resident Shannon McGahey started rattling City Manager Jim Hartmann's cage late last year and worked her way around the City's impenetrable social services fortress to get some answers. Other neighbors have been calling Travelodge corporate headquarters to complain (much to the chagrin of the motel owner). The Growler has even heard there have now been several evictions, which are probably long overdue.

All of this activity will culminate in a public meeting on Thursday, February 1 at 6:30 pm at Charles Houston Recreation Center. Be there if you care.

For more information contact Shannon at (202) 293-4103, ext. 328 or drop her an E-mail at at mcgahey@acc.com.