Monday, January 29, 2007

Slumbering Watchdogs

The Growler was horrified when an alert neighbor (and soon to be pop) E-mailed the following link:

If you enter 22314, you'll find we have several sex offenders living in the neighborhood, some only a few blocks from Jefferson-Houston elementary school. Visit the Virginia sex offender registry for more information on offenders and to find answers to frequently asked questions and as well as a list of the statutes that govern registration.

Most worrisome is that one offender resides in a house bought in 2005 by investor Nathan Carter, who has turned three single-family homes at Princess and N. Fayette Street into boarding houses for those recently released from prison. Neighbors are alarmed because there doesn't seem to be any supervision on-site and turnover is heavy. Some have also seen the local crack dealers rolling out the Welcome Wagon and turning up to greet new tenants.

How did the Alexandria cops and politicians let this happen in our neighborhood? Why are they still tolerating it? And do we need watchdogs to watch the watchdogs?