Thursday, January 25, 2007

Green Machine

Who says this neighborhood doesn't care about open green space?

Folks up at Braddock Place have organized in opposition to the proposed condominums at 1261 Madison Street, which will occupy most of the last green open space near Metro. They were apparently spurred on by the fact that the City recently removed the property from the list of possible open space acquisitions.

At Tuesday night's City Council meeting, Vice Mayor Andrew Macdonald presented a petition signed by more than 800 residents near the site, which reads:

We support preserving the green space at Braddock Metro locally known as the PBS Plaza Pocket Park from development by Bradley Gray, or others. Building on this land will lead to excess overcrowding and congestion, which we oppose. Because this parcel is under imminent threat of loss to development, it must be added promptly to the city's open-space acquisition plan. Therefore, we request that the city permanently restrict this land from private development, and acquire the entire property for green-space preservation.

If you are interested in supporting this petition, drop the Growler and E-mail and the Cranky One will put you in touch with the petition organizers.