Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Unfinished Business

Well, it looks like the somnolent Braddock Road Metro Small Area Plan has suddenly surged back into City leaders' collective consciousness.

Pencil in these dates, times and locations or thumb them into your Crackberry:

Planning Commission Work Session on Braddock Road Metro Small Area Plan
Tuesday, December 5 (7:30 PM)
City Council Workroom
City Hall

Note that this is not a public hearing but yet another work session, in which P&Z staff updates the Commission.

Community Meeting on Braddock Road Metro Small Area Plan
Thursday, December 14 (7:00 PM)
Jefferson Houston School (Multi-Purpose Room)

This will be a public meeting and one of citizens' last opportunities for comment and feedback.

The Growler has heard there may also be a City Council worksession on the Braddock Road Metro plan, which might be scheduled for Saturday, December 16. But this has not been announced yet. Ditto the formal review by Planning Commission in public hearing, which the Cranky One was told by City staff would happen in January but is currently not on Planning Commission's draft January docket.

It's puzzling why the push is now being made after months of silence, and in December of all months, when most citizens are distracted by holiday doings.

But it's clearly a high priority again, perhaps to clear the calendar for other City planning area studies or perhaps in reaction to developer push-back. Since the City Manager Jim Hartmann has postponing hiring a new P&Z Director after Christmas, it sure looks like the City wants this plan bow-tied and gift-wrapped so that a new planning czar (or czarina) will have no chance to rethink or undo the plan.