Thursday, October 26, 2006


Time for the Growler to catch up with fast breaking news.

Queen Payne Market

The Growler learned yesterday that Matuli Faustin has withdrawn his application for a special use permit (SUP) to offer carry out at the Queen Payne Market. The matter will therefore not be heard by Planning Commission or City Council.

The Growler commends Mr. Faustin for taking this sensible action, which will help maintain his good relationship with the community.


Remember the Growler's posting earlier this year about gunshots in the neighborhood and a technology called ShotSpotter that can help cops quickly target the location of gunfire?

Earlier this week, the Washington Post prominently featured an article on the District's successful implementation of ShotSpotter, which is being used in conjunction with surveillance cameras to battle crime.

Parker-Gray PU

On a lighter but not sweeter note ...

Rosemont residents have complained in the past about CSX train engineers who blast their horns while speeding through the residential area of Alexandria. But now it seems there's some in our Parker-Gray neighborhood who are also unhappy with CSX — but for an entirely different reason.

Apparently the railroad parks a fragrant garbage train on the tracks near Braddock Road Metro for several hours in the early morning each month.

One unhappy resident who complained to CSX was told that the train is parked to free the tracks for the commuter lines during rush hour. While that may be reasonable, is there no better spot for the stinking cargo than the middle of a residential neighborhood?

As the Growler's source put it, "I guess if you come across any rats with New Jersey accents, you'll know how they got here."