Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

Now that we live in a world of data-driven policing, let's have a closer look at how the official police stats (drawn from Alexandria's own Web page) compare with what we know actually goes on here in Parker-Gray.

For giggles, let's focus on vice crimes like drugs and prostitution.

We've all talked about the open air drug dealing around Queen and Fayette. Who doesn't know about it or hasn't seen it first-hand?

So the Growler went to the City's Web site and looked up the stats for the 1000 through 1300 blocks of Queen Street for the year from October 11, 2005 to October 10, 2006. And the Cranky One found only a single narcotics/drug arrest in the past year on June 23, 2006.

What about N. Fayette Street? Same thing. In the past year, there's been only a single arrest on January 17, 2006 for drugs/narcotics offenses in the 100 to 400 blocks of N. Fayette.

Man, that's some serious policing. You have to admire the cop who had the cojones to get out of his squad car, wade through the crowd of crack dealers and put the cuffs on some poor wretch.

And prostitution is even more interesting. Stats for the year show there was only a single arrest for prostitution in the neighborhood at 700 N. Washington on January 13, 2006. Of the 21 arrests for prostitution in the past year, 13 were for offenses on in the S. Bragg Street/N. Breckendridge Place location off Duke Street near Landmark. Nine of the arrests at S. Bragg St were made on a single day, which suggests a large bust. Several more took place near Arlandria.

So the data would seem to indicate that all but one of those trysts in the alleys around the Travelodge that entertain the neighborhood were purely consensual in nature.

So is Parker-Gray becoming a hot bed of virtue? That's what the data appears to be telling us.