Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Park and The Perfect Storm

The Growler has clapped the ole telescope to the ursine eye and scanned the horizons of the future in our neighborhood. And the view from here could not be more disturbing.

Here's the elements that could make up the future perfect storm, centered on Hunter-Miller Park — the eye of the tempest.

1. In April 2006 picnic tables are removed from Hunter-Miller Park, because according to police they are a magnet for crackheads, drug dealers and the homeless.

2. In August 2006, the owner of the Queen Payne Market at the corner of the same block is granted an ABC license for beer and wine. No single sales, but you can buy a chilled six-pack.

3. In September 2006, the owner of the Queen Payne Market applies to the City to offer carry out from 8 AM to 10 PM every evening, seven days a week, projecting to serve 70 to 80 customers a day.

4. In October 2006, the City holds hearings on the rehabilitation of Hunter-Miller Park. Given the past back and forth about picnic tables, they may very well feature in the redesign and end up back in the Park.

5. If the Queen Payne Market request is approved, by the end of the year crackheads and the homeless return to the Park. They pick up their carry out at the market along with a shared six-pack, amble the half block to the park, and make themselves comfortable at the new picnic tables to nosh their food.

It will be just like old times again. You can believe the Growler plans to be tied up safely at berth when this happens.

But it will be hard to watch the young parents who use the park and who may have innocently supported some of these measures struggle to navigate the tempest.