Thursday, September 07, 2006


The other day the Growler bumped into Lee Webb, the historic preservation supervisor in the Planning and Zoning Department, and posed the burning question about the status of the plan to nominate Parker-Gray to the National Register of Historic Places. With Eileen Fogarty's departure, some residents have been concerned that the project was going straight to the back burner again.

No, Mr. Webb assured the Growler, the City hopes to hold a public meeting about the nomination in early October. P&Z is also in the last stages of contract negotiations, poised to bring in outside experts to do the requisite survey. That's good, because it helps ensure the complex nomination forms will be completed fully and promptly. All in all, it sounds like the this project is still on track.

With Ms. Fogarty's departure there's also been some anxiety that the Braddock Road Metro Small Area Plan will slip through the cracks as well. However, it appears someone on Planning Commission is lighting a fire under P&Z staff, since the Comissioners have scheduled a work session on the Braddock Road plan for tonight (Sept. 7) at 6:00 PM at City Hall. Quite possibly they are asking for an update on the status of the plan. The Growler will letcha know ...