Thursday, June 29, 2006

They Done the Right Thing

On Tuesday night, Planning & Zoning presented its plan for the nomination of Parker-Gray to the National Register of Historic Places, which was swiftly ratified by City Council.

The Growler had been assured by Hal Phipps (via City Manager Jim Hartmann) that the City was going to proceed with the nomination despite the statement in Mr. Hartmann's second memo to Council that the historic advisory panel were going to discuss whether or not to do so in one of the upcoming workshops. That was reassuring.

Nevertheless, it's clear that without pressure from both black and white residents in Parker-Gray the possibility of nomination indeed would have been referred to the old guard of Old Town and possibly squelched yet again.

BTW, Mr. Phipps clarified the statement about the 1999 workshop. Turns out it was actually a 1997 workshop at George Washington Middle School, convened shortly after state tax credits for preservation were approved in the Commonwealth. No-one seems to be able to document who the invitation went to but frankly from the Growler's conversations with others around here it sounds like it was never publicized to Parker-Gray residents. And to claim that a workshop at the school on Mt. Vernon Avenue was a seminar in Parker-Gray is stretching things.

But that's all behind us now. The nomination is now on the fast-track and the neighborhood will finally have its history better-documented and acknowledged.

It was a good evening for Parker-Gray. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Still missing in action: the entire leadership of the Inner City Civic Association. Not one was present at the Council hearing on Tuesday night.