Monday, June 19, 2006

Shoulda Seen This One Coming ...

The Growler's readers may remember a posting last winter about Hopkins House President J. Glenn Hopkins' involvement in Consumers for Cable Choice, a group pushing for cable competition that was actually launched and funded by Comcast competitor Verizon.

A sizeable Verizon donation to Hopkins House soon followed.

Today the Growler noticed that the upcoming Hopkins House fundraiser “An Evening With Barack Obama,” which will be held at the Hilton Mark Center on June 21, is being underwritten by (among others) Mirant.

Mirant — Alexandria's favorite corporate polluter and the subject of City lawsuits and struggles with EPA and the state Department of Environmental Quality — recently fired up its boilers again after a temporary shutdown. The energy company is currently using an experimental material known as trona, which may itself be a pollutant, to reduce the Potomac River plant's sulfur dioxide emissions.

Mr. Hopkins might want to check out this description from the Centers for Disease Control about the effects of SO2 on children. And he will probably want to make sure the Hopkins House kiddies stay indoors this summer.