Monday, May 01, 2006

Credits (Tax and Otherwise)

Oops, in writing the previous posting, the ole Growler failed to include former ICCA President Sarah Becker among the kudos. It was Ms. Becker who initially championed the tax credit issue for Parker-Gray.

A columnist with the Crier Media Group, she wrote a heavily-researched article in February's Old Town Crier highlighting the City's 16-year failure to list the Parker-Gray Historic District on either the National Register of Historic Places or Virginia's Landmarks Register. Because of this reluctance to act, eligible residents were denied vital tax credits for rehabilitating and restoring our properties.

Ms. Becker's article was widely read around town and served to finally compel City leaders to do something about this inequitable treatment. Interested Parker-Gray readers gave the story to Andrew Macdonald at the Democratic party's February caucus. The cause took on a political life of it own and — well — the rest is "A Bit of History."

Ms. Becker, a preservation professional, is also responsible for the restoration and financial turnaround at the historic Leadbeater-Stabler Apothecary Museum scheduled to reopen in June. Just as impressively, she persuaded the City last year to acquire the Museum, now endowed and debt-free, when the Museum restoration is finished. It's truly a rare happening in a town rich in museums and historic sites.

So a tip of the old bear paw to one of Parker-Gray's most persuasive residents!